World Helm
World Helm is committed to generating an informed debate on the threats to our planet and our species.
True democracy depends on people making informed decisions and this is the place where we welcome your ideas.
With your help we will work to find the very best solutions to the threats we face. We will search out and invite the very best brains to contribute and we will keep the platform open to every ordinary citizen. Everyone is welcome who respects rational processes.
Once we have found a good response to a threat we will act to influence its adoption.
The more people involved the better chance we have of making a difference.

The threats we face are divided into 5 categories; Economic, Environment, Geopolitical, Societal, Technological with a 6th category introducing opportunities or stimulating ideas.

Any topic in blue text is already open for discussion.You can clicks through to a page and make a contribution.
Threats in red relate to the threat above them. If you wish to contribute to a topic still in black, contact us .
The site is still being developed.At the momentThe site offers you the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on how we should address the threats we face as a species and a planet.In the future the site will:Enable you to review the threats on the level of:1) A city2) A country3) InternationallyEnable you to contribute to the discussion about specific threats on one or all of these levels.As the discussion matures you will be able to:1) Call for a vote of members to gage the level of support.2) Propose we start campaigning to have the policy adopted.
World Helm is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) registered by OSCR No SC 046224