Global Warming and
Rising greenhouse gas emissions
Energy Sources
Battery Technology

Governments, businesses and consumers fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand carbon sinks.
A policy suggestion has been made and can be found as a link in the discussion pages.
Failure of climate change adaptation

Governments and business fail to enforce or enact effective measures to protect populations and transition businesses impacted by climate change.
Persistent extreme weather

Increasing damage linked to greater concentration of property in risk zones, urbanization or increased frequency of extreme weather events.
Land and waterway use mismanagement

Deforestation, waterway diversion, mineral extraction and other environment modifying projects with devastating impacts on ecosystems and associated industries.
Major Health Issue
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Growing resistance of deadly bacteria to known antibiotics.
Mismanaged urbanization

Poorly planned cities, urban sprawl and associated infrastructure that amplify drivers of environmental degradation and cope ineffectively with rural exodus.
( Env 6 Autonomous Vehicles)
Irremediable pollution

Air, water or land permanently contaminated to a degree that threatens ecosystems, social stability, health outcomes and economic development.
Species overexploitation

Threat of irreversible biodiversity loss through species extinction or ecosystem collapse.
Natural Disaster Responses
Unprecedented geophysical destruction

Existing precautions and preparedness measures fail in the face of geophysical disasters of unparalleled magnitude such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides or tsunamis.
Communications Threat
Vulnerability to geomagnetic storms

Critical communication and navigation systems disabled by effects from colossal solar flares.
Climate News